Alden Advantage

Alden specializes in providing small-and-medium-sized businesses with excellent retirement plan choices.

Most business owners understand saving for retirement is important and they want to provide for their employees, and their own, retirement. The retirement plan landscape may be daunting to navigate for many reasons. Finding and understanding the options in the marketplace can be confusing. Fees tend to be hard to decipher and hidden or misrepresented. Many brokers tend to do a poor job servicing plan committees and providing employee education. Alden can help small-and-medium-sized businesses find the right plan and overcome these difficulties.

Alden Advantage

Benefits of Alden’s Retirement Plans

    • Many retirement plan sales and support people cannot give employees investment advice. We feel this is a fundamental shortcoming in the retirement plan industry. Unlike many providers, Alden personnel can give investment plan sponsors and employees investment advice and act in a direct fiduciary capacity.
    • Alden is fully transparent with regard to every plan fee a plan sponsor or employee pays. Retirement plan platforms and brokers are notorious for hiding and misrepresenting fees. We dissect these fees for both clients and prospects and accurately lay out which parties are being compensated for what they are doing for a retirement plan. By doing this we can make an apples-to-apples comparison to minimize costs and maximize value for any retirement plan.
    • Most 401(k) salespeople are bound by only one, or a small few, 401(k) platform choices. This means they are coming in to sell a single product, or a limited set of choices, rather than acting as your consultant. Typically, there are several options a client should consider, depending upon their goals and objectives, resulting in less expensive fees and enhanced overall value for the company and its employees. 

Why Choose Alden?

At Alden, we are fully independent and can offer every major small and medium sized business retirement plan solution as well as several that are unique to firms like ourselves that are independent RIAs. This means that we can fully evaluate the entire spectrum of retirement plan options and create multiple proposals from the best fit solutions for our clients and prospects. We focus on fee minimization and the maximization of investment performance.

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