Alden PLUS

Alden PLUS Portfolios

Alden PLUS is a separate account platform consisting of externally managed separate account strategies seeking to generate alpha.

Our investment team searches for successful strategies and has done extensive due-diligence on these managers and their investments.

The Alden PLUS program consists of strategies we find, evaluate and make available to our clients and advisors, generally in separate account form. These strategies tend to utilize publicly traded securities and are appropriate for a wide variety of investors. We seek strategies that cover the investment needs of most main street and high net worth investors including:

  • Strategies that focus on growth of capital
  • Strategies that produce current Income and cash flow
  • Strategies that offer active bond investing
  • Strategies that offer customized municipal portfolios
  • Strategies that utilize options (calls and puts) to attempt to generate income or protect the downside of a portfolio

We also provide strategies focused on specific industries or sectors such as:

  • Small Cap Concentrated Value
  • SMID Cap Value
  • Community Banks
  • A combination of growth and value

The Alden PLUS program includes back office services that facilitate the operations and regulations necessary to enable investment in external separate account managers. We provide: analysis and due diligence on approved managers and strategies, monitoring of approved managers and strategies, approval of sales literature and marketing materials for use by Alden Advisers, client disclosures required by investing in external strategies include the risks to each strategy, we negotiate with approved managers to get the lowest fee rate for all Alden clients, we facilitate the movement of client money to these investments on Alden’s, or external, custodians, and we handle billing of approved managers and strategies and other record keeping required by finance or regulators. In summary, we strive to make it easy to find, analyze, invest, monitor, track and bill external separate account strategies.

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