Alden ALTS

Alden ALTS

Alden ALTS is a menu of hedge funds, real estate offerings, limited partnerships, private placements, and others carefully evaluated by Alden’s investment team.

We seek strategies that demonstrate value add by having a unique return profile and better risk/reward returns.

Alden has developed a suite alternative funds that add uncorrelated returns to client portfolios. Alden’s investment team has evaluated hundreds of funds and approved a select list for investment. Highlights include:

  • A small-cap healthcare fund up significantly in 2018
  • A multi-asset commodity strategy from a well-established manager

The principals at Alden are also experts at structuring and launching private placement vehicles having completed dozens of offerings over the last fifteen years to capitalize on an array of differing opportunities. Highlights include:

  • Multi-family Class B real estate offerings with strong cash flows
  • An opportunity focused on digital assets

Alden offers a variety of private placement deals as part of its ongoing offerings as well as one-time transactions. These can involve investment banking deals, capital raises or private securities transactions. Highlights include:

  • A recent $30 million private trade in shares of Lyft
  • A mineral rights offering that provides current cash flow

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