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Alden Capital Management

Welcome to Alden Investment Group

Alden Investment Group consists of a broker/dealer and registered investment advisor, Alden Securities and Alden Capital Management, independently owned by our partners. We offer a diverse menu of services including individual asset management, institutional research, investment banking, retirement plans, private placements, trading services and other RIA/BD offerings. By combining the resources of our own asset management and broker/dealer entities, we have a large degree of control and flexibility around our businesses. In addition, our independence from large brokerage companies allows us to utilize a wide range of products not available at other firms to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Technology is changing the way both people and companies invest, manage assets, borrow money, and raise capital in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. At Alden Investment Group, we understand how to access a wide variety of investments and utilize our team’s many decades of experience and expertise to navigate the investment universe and find the best places for our client’s assets.

At Alden Investment Group, we believe providing investment solutions involves several key considerations. To best serve client needs we seek traditional and new investment opportunities while providing regulatory compliance, appropriate disclosures, investment transparency as well as investment and product fees which offer value. In addition, Alden Investment Group has close relationships with several specialized broker/dealer and RIA peers to provide highly value-added services to our clients.

Alden Capital Management Advisors

For Individuals

Our advisors have decades of experience providing investment advisory, financial planning, asset management services, and securities brokerage to individuals with a wide variety of investment needs, goals, and means.



Alden Capital Management Institutional Services

For Institutions

Alden Investment Group’s institutional services and offerings are designed to meet the needs of the modern company. Technology is providing new avenues for companies to gain investment and regulatory changes are making compliance and solid execution even more critical than ever before.



Alden Capital Management For Advisors

For Advisors

Alden Investment Group’s advisor solution is built around competitive payouts, access to unique investment products with high value-add, and a best-in-class compliance program designed to allow access to a wide variety of solutions while protecting both client and advisor.



Why Choose Alden Investment Group?


Team of professional brokers/dealers and registered investment advisors

Robust Platform

We can tailor our services to meet the needs of advisors and their clients


Our platform offers flexibility and a diverse set of investment solutions

Operations Support

We facilitate investments in many different strategies and products


Experienced, dedicated compliance staff to support your business


Wall Street-grade investment research, events, and seminars