Alden Advantages

The Alden team has created dozens of financial services entities and investment vehicles over a 20-year time period.

After many years of regulatory exams with FINRA, the SEC and other regulators, many advisors prefer to let us handle the details and utilize the entities they need on our platform. The time, money and expertise required to create and maintain these entities is significant, and most advisory groups will save a large amount of both by leveraging our infrastructure and personnel.

We Redefine Flexibility

Our model is not a one-size fits all solution. We built our platform to offer a diverse set of investment solutions and infrastructure that can be utilized as needed. We believe your clients are your own and belong to you. Our role is to enhance your ability to provide them better returns, better service and protections from compliance with all regulations. We do this by providing access to the products and strategies you need, in the appropriate investment vehicles/custodians while maintaining strong compliance, transparency, and insurance coverage.

Operations Support

We are able to fully support all client requests and operations including order execution, on-boarding, money movement, investment execution, secure client communication, document retention and client house-holding. We facilitate investments in many different strategies and products for our advisors and their clients.

Marketing Support

Our compliance department interfaces closely with our advisors to approve marketing pieces, sales literature, presentations, and speaking engagements. We understand the importance of delivering a targeted marketing message to help close more business. We maintain and build a significant web and social media presence to help our advisors.


One of the most challenging issues facing advisors today is the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. We have an experienced, dedicated compliance staff to support your business. We are constantly updating our policies, procedures and materials to maintain compliance with rules and regulations and be in the best practice of the industry.

Research & Events

We produce high quality Wall-Street grade investment research focusing on global macro, financial services and other sectors which we package and have available for weekly distribution. We also offer client events, seminars and other meetings to grow relationships and business.

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