Financial Services for Advisors

Alden has built a robust platform designed for today’s financial advisor to call home.

Alden’s advisor solution is built around competitive payouts, access to unique investment products with high value-add, and a best-in-class compliance program designed to allow access to a wide variety of solutions while protecting both client and advisor. We have the ability to work with advisors who wish to be fully-integrated to an RIA and broker/dealer, or in a hybrid format accessing only the entities they require.

Financial advisory services for the 21st century.

Many advisors and firms are stuck with 20th century investment options in a 21st century global economy. In today’s highly competitive and transparent financial marketplace, advisors need a flexible yet highly compliant firm, that offers both traditional and new investment options to meet their clients’ needs.

Our platform contains traditional investments such as equities, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and separate accounts as well as alternatives such as hedge funds, limited partnerships, direct real estate investments and private equity. Alden also provides access to insurance solutions, investment banking, and private finance deals. We manage and can act as fiduciary for retirement plans including 401(k)s and non-profit plans.

Advisors can choose to work through our investment advisor and broker/dealer, or either one they need. Advisors can also brand their offering to their needs.

Joining Alden

Are you a financial advisor looking for a new firm, or just wondering what else is out there? Are you interested in more flexibility, better payouts and a firm that adds demonstrable value to both your and your clients business? We’ve developed a robust financial platform that serves the current and evolving needs of advisors and their clients. The modern economy and ever changing market conditions provide opportunities for advisors to be able to offer both traditional solutions, as well as alternative and highly differentiated investment solutions, to adequately meet client goals and expectations.

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Alden Advantages

We’ve created dozens of financial services entities and investment vehicles over a 20-year time period. After many years of regulatory exams with FINRA, the SEC and other regulators, many advisors prefer to let us handle the details and utilize the entities they need on our platform. The time, money and expertise required to create and maintain these entities is significant, and most advisory groups will save a large amount of both by leveraging our infrastructure and personnel.

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Alden Teams

Alden provides an exceptional platform for financial advisors to conduct their business. Our financial advisors work with a wide-variety of clients and specialize in many different disciplines. Our advisors range from their 30s to their 70s and have a host of professional designations to go along with their strong educational backgrounds. All of Alden’s advisors and representatives are fully licensed with the SEC and FINRA for the work they perform and are insured under the firm’s insurance policies. Alden has financial advisors in over a dozen states and clients in nearly all 50 states.

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