Retirement Plans

Retirement plans come in many shapes and sizes.

They are utilized by business owners and their employees to take advantage of tax deferred savings and offer a benefit to workers that helps them financially prepare for retirement. There are retirement plans for one person, and for companies all the way up to those with thousands of workers. They have names including 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, SEP IRAs, Roth options, 457(f) plans, defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans and several others. Retirement plans offerings come from over 100 different financial services companies that all have different costs and features. Navigating the landscape can be very confusing for those outside the industry. We are experts in all types of retirement plan products and types and are here to help.

Alden offers 401(k) plan design, management and implementation for businesses of all sizes.

We work with single member plans, startup plans and plans with hundreds of employees. We can act as a direct fiduciary on plans we offer as well as a broker, or advisor, or both. The professionals at Alden Investment Group have decades of experience selling, implementing and servicing plans of all sizes and types.


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Alden Advantage

Alden specializes in providing small and medium sized businesses with excellent retirement plan choices. Most business owners understand saving for retirement is important and want to provide for their employees, and their own, retirement. The retirement plan landscape is daunting to navigate for many reasons, finding and understanding the options that are out there can be confusing, fees tend to be hard to decipher and hidden or misrepresented, and many brokers tend to do a poor job servicing plans and employees. Alden can help small and medium sized business owners find the right plan and overcome these difficulties.

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Things to Know

The most common retirement plans are 401(k) plans, which are for profit-based companies like most private and public businesses, and their close cousins 403(b) plans, which are for non-profit companies like churches, public hospitals, and charities. They can be broken down into two main types, insurance-based plans and non-insurance-based plans. Insurance-based plans are the most common type for small and medium sized businesses generally with under 300 employees and under $20 million in plan assets.

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