Financial Institutions Group (FIG) Services

Alden’s principals and team members have many years of experience and a deep fundamental understanding of the characteristics and needs of financial institution groups (FIG), in particular banks and credit unions, in industries of all types.

In a broker-dealer capacity, we provide research, capital offerings and security product sales. In an asset management capacity, we invest in and advise banks. We understand the needs banking companies have relating to their investments, documentation and compliance for regulators, as well as their internal due diligence and reporting processes.

Financial Institutions Group

Value Added Securities

Alden specializes in offering securities investments that are typically highly differentiated and can add significant value to financial institutions investment portfolios. There are many trading firms that work with banks on traditional government, agency and mortgage backed offerings and we can offer those as well. However, there are fewer firms that can analyze and offer specialized loan sales and pooled securities, repurchase trust certificates, structured credit bond and trading services and other distinct offerings. Our focus is to uncover opportunities that have superior yield, are highly collateralized and secure, and have low levels of impact on risk-based capital ratios.In addition, through our affiliates we can offer low cost repo for government, agency and other types of fixed income from an overnight to 90 day term.

Sub Debt

Sub Debt

Alden’s representatives have participated in numerous subordinated debt offerings over many years with a wide variety of depository institutions. We work with investors who will consider offerings in banks with as low as $2-3 million up to $25 million or more. Our role in the process is to represent bank clients to our investor base by producing analysis and reporting to put each client in the best possible scenario to successfully complete a sub debt offering at the lowest cost of capital available. Sub debt can be issued at any time and our investors can close an offering in as little as six weeks. There is no cost to explore the market for a particular bank and we are happy to discuss offerings at any time.

Equity Raises

Equity Raises

Alden personnel have worked on equity raises for banks and financial institutions for more than 20 years and have participated in hundreds of transactions in their investment careers. These include as investors, investment bankers, and as bank managers themselves. For smaller institutions we can offer best efforts deals directly to institutional and high net-worth investors. For larger institutions we can be a selling group participant and also act as an advisor in the selection of a lead investment bank by collecting proposals and negotiating for the lowest cost of the transaction. We can also provide analysis of the market for deals and value insights from both our buy-side and sell-side perspectives. We are happy to give board presentations on the state of the market and provide localized analysis on any US market.

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