Private Client Wealth Management

Alden Investment Group’s wealth advisory team offers financial and investment advice that encompasses financial planning, retirement planning, and estate planning services.

We provide these services directly as well as coordinate input from financial experts including attorneys, accountants, tax specialists, asset managers, family office firms and others within our Alden Investment Group Network.

We also work directly with our client’s attorney, accountant and other financial specialists when requested. Our wealth management services frequently link to all aspects of a client’s financial life. We start by having a conversation about your life, including your income, expenses, investments, personal and family needs, goals, objectives and risk tolerances. We can develop a comprehensive financial plan that will strive to preserve and increase our client’s wealth based on the results of our conversations with them.

After we develop a client plan, we work to successfully implement it and meet with our client as needed to update goals, review the client’s portfolio, and determine whether additional services or investments are needed.

Account Management

We offer both discretionary and non-discretionary account management of client portfolios. Depending on our client analysis, their investment experience and financial situation, we will recommend and implement investment strategies. These can include traditional investments such as stock and bond portfolios, depository bank accounts, and where appropriate, insurance solutions. We offer these through accounts held in our client’s name at leading custodians including Raymond James, Charles Schwab and others.

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We aim to find investments that meet the objectives and risk tolerances of our clients while paying special attention to overall client fees. Selecting investments and accounts with low fees is an important factor in producing portfolio growth that is as strong as possible given the client’s investment profile.

Beyond offering traditional investments, which are typically an important piece of any client portfolio, we specialize and differentiate our firm, in the availability of investments in assets classes such as real estate, alternative funds, private placement deals and niche debt investments. These asset classes provide returns, and have risk and liquidity factors, that are frequently very different from traditional investments. We carefully analyze and track the performance of these investments which we offer and recommend to our clients. The proper addition of these investments can significantly enhance overall client returns and build a truly diversified client portfolio.

Whether our client is high-net-worth with complex investments or simply needs help with the management of their individual brokerage account or IRA, we have investment strategies and services offerings to help.

Client Reporting

Understanding your financial results involves a good connection to your accounts. At Alden Investment Group, our custodial relationships and client reporting technology allow our clients to view their investments in a realtime, 24/7 environment and increase their knowledge of how they are performing in relation to their objectives and risk tolerance. These reporting solutions can be accessed by clients and anytime, and are utilized by our advisors when reviewing investment results with clients.

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Our custodial relationships allow for the linking of client accounts to popular third-party personal finance and money reporting websites and software. Our in-house reporting solutions also allow for the tracking of both traditional investments and alternatives in the same reports.


We fully integrate 21st century technology to manage our business. This allows us to be more efficient and provide the security and service that our clients require. We leverage the technology of our custodial platforms, Raymond James and Charles Schwab, where the bulk of our client data is stored. We have integrated and utilize tools like MoneyGuidePro to build client financial plans and Advent Black Diamond to analyze and report on client portfolios. These solutions allow for account aggregation and have ability to track outside investments and alternative positions.

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We require all of our custodians and technology vendors to meet every regulatory rule and data protection requirement mandated by the highly regulated investment industry. We designed our internal technology resources around the specific needs of our business and have selected vendors with substantial IT resources and experience. In addition, we review security and technology access internally frequently, limit access to any customer data we do retain to required personnel, and have trained our advisors and staff on the use of this technology.

We believe technology provides our industry many benefits such as increased transparency, lower investment cost and client fees and access to more diverse investment solutions then every before. It also requires that the firm and clients be highly vigilant about the threats, scams and thefts that are being perpetuated in our industry.

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