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For Clients

What is the cost for a financial consultation?

We provide complimentary initial financial consultations in most cases. However, in the case that a prospect requests an in-depth analysis that will take many hours to complete, the financial advisor may charge an upfront fee that will be waived if the prospect decides to work with the advisor as a client.

Are you a fee-only or fee-based advisor?

We generally charge an asset-based fee (a small fee based on the percentage of assets the advisor oversees) but other fee arrangements such as flat fees are available.

Who do you custody with? Who do you clear with?

Our custodians include Charles Schwab, RBC, Raymond James, Interactive Brokers and Fidelity. All of our brokerage transactions are cleared through Raymond James & Associates.

What personal financial planning services do you offer?

Our advisors take a holistic approach to financial planning. We get to know your financial goals and map out a personalized financial plan, including cash flow analysis, client risk analysis, and retirement planning.

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What is your minimum investment amount for new clients?

Regardless of your investment portfolio size, we will consult with you to figure out whether our wealth management services are right for you. If we think another advisor would be better suited for your unique needs, we will refer you to a professional that we know and trust.

How many representatives do you have?

Alden Investment Group has over 50 representatives with a range of investment advice specialties, including Retirement Planning, Private Markets, and Wealth Management.

Where are your representatives located?

Our financial advisors and executive officers are spread out across 14 states and districts, including Puerto Rico.

Where are you headquartered?

Alden Investment Group is headquartered outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania at 261 Old York Rd # 837, Jenkintown, PA 19046.

Is your investment advisory firm registered with the SEC?

Yes, Alden Investment Group is registered with the SEC and regulated by FINRA.

What is a hybrid Registered Investment Advisor and Broker-Dealer?

Alden Investment Group consists of a broker-dealer and registered investment advisor, Alden Securities and Alden Capital Management, independently owned by our partners. This hybrid model gives us the flexibility to conduct many more types of business than wirehouse firms, and act as a fiduciary advisor to our clients.

How long has your financial planning and wealth management firm been in business?

In 1995, Peter Alden Engelbach founded Alden Investment Group (then named J. Alden Associates) to provide clients with high-quality investments and financial advice. Each executive officer, principal, and advisor at Alden brings years of financial experience and investment acumen to the benefit of each valued client.

What are your management fees?

For the vast majority of our portfolio, we charge a management fee—a percentage based upon your total assets under our management. We’re happy to share our fee schedule with you in your complimentary consultation.

What sets you apart from other firms?

Because of our unique Registered Investment Advisor and Broker-Dealer structure, we have more investment offerings than other financial advisory firms. We offer a wide variety of products and strategies, from many firms, as well as strategies we manage internally for clients. We seek to recommend investments that are in your best interest and are unconstrained in doing so.

For Advisors

What are your typical payouts on revenue?

Our payouts generally range from 60% to over 85% depending on the amount of revenue each advisor has, the needs they have, and what items the firm is paying for and providing.

What technology do you offer?

We offer a broad suite of technology that advisors need and use every day. From secure email and file storage to compliance and reporting technology to research and trading systems. Our principals and Chief Technology Officer are constantly working to add more security, convenience and broaden our technology platform.

Do you provide referrals?

Referrals are a major focus of our private client group. By keeping our total number of advisors down, we are able to generate dozens of meaningful referrals for our advisors in our private client group on a regular basis.

What type of advisor is best suited for the Alden Investment Group model?

We offer a high level of flexibility and service offerings for our financial advisors. The advisors that thrive at Alden tend to have prior experience servicing clients and know how they work best with them. Advisors interested in joining Alden should value a flexible yet highly compliant investment firm, and be open to learning about how new investment strategies, secure technology and a firm that actually adds value to advisors and clients can help them. 

What support do you offer financial advisors?

Our robust infrastructure and personnel allow financial advisors to grow their advisory business quicker. Some of the areas of support we offer our clients include compliance, marketing, operations and research. We also offer ongoing help with practice management, referrals and advisor to advisor transitions.

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