JENKINTOWN, PA – Alden Investment Group announces their latest team expansion with the launch of Springhouse Wealth Partners, based out of Collegeville, PA.

Coming together to form Springhouse are three seasoned financial advisors, Charles (Chip) Wisner, Michael Frederick and Brandon Skupski. Wisner, formerly with Wells Fargo Advisors, and Frederick and Skupski, formerly with Black Stone, bring over 75 years of combined experience, along with over $100 million in assets under management and an exemplary regulatory record.

When asked what brought the three of them to Alden, Michael Frederick explained, “We wanted to leave the bureaucracy of the traditional investment world. Alden offered us the opportunity to join a team with a vast array of investment opportunities and best-of-breed professional advisors with extensive experience in their disciplines. Coming together to form Springhouse allows us to operate from a team perspective rather than an individual practitioner perspective.”

Focused on high net worth individuals, business owners, pre-retirees and retirees, Springhouse Wealth Partners brings together three different facets of financial services. Frederick, director of financial planning, has an extensive background in financial planning, including the CFP®, ChFC®, CRPC® and CPWA®, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in financial services. Studying the financial market for the past 40 years and with experience in trading stocks and bonds on the New York and Philadelphia trading floors, Wisner will take on the role of director of investments and trading. Rounding out the team as Springhouse’s research and portfolio strategist is Skupski, with a background in constructing model portfolios for the last 15 years.

With the recent opening of their new office on June 15th , the Springhouse Wealth Partners team will operate out of Collegeville, PA to service their existing and new clients.

About Springhouse Wealth Partners

Springhouse Wealth Partners is a full-service, comprehensive wealth management and financial planning firm. With over 75 years of combined wealth advisory experience, they specialize in meeting the needs of individuals, families and businesses in all areas of financial services.

Clients are offered a comprehensive financial plan as the basis for guiding the investment process. Successful objective realization starts with a clear understanding of the needs of the client, not the wants of the investment firm providing the advice. High net worth clients are able to access a wide variety of alternative investment opportunities as well as their unique portfolio management capabilities. Springhouse’s concentration is on clarity of client situation and goals, diligence in investment research, relevance in our educational pursuits, timelines in client service and communication and transparency of pricing.

Springhouse Wealth Partners is dedicated to providing exemplary service to their trusted clients. It is their mission to deliver a clear, comprehensive, and professional client experience.

About Alden Investment Group

Founded in 1995, Alden Investment Group is an independent firm with a full-service broker/dealer and registered investment adviser. The firm offers a large and diverse menu of services including individual account management, institutional research, investment banking, private placement offerings, wholesaling services, retirement plans, equity trading, fixed income trading, and options trading, among other broker/dealer and RIA capabilities. The firm has 57 advisors spread across 14 districts and states, including most recently Puerto Rico. The firm has the ability to work with advisors who wish to be fully-integrated to an RIA and broker/dealer, or in a hybrid format accessing only the entities they require. The firm offers a robust platform for its advisors built around competitive payouts, with access to unique investment products and a best-in-class compliance program.

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