WAYNE, PA – Alden Investment Group, a boutique wealth planning firm committed to providing personalized strategies for its clients, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with RADD Companies, a prominent player in the real estate and investment sector.

The decision to forge this partnership was rooted in the shared values, mission, and ethics that both Alden and RADD Companies hold in the highest regard. Alden’s commitment to personalized wealth planning strategies aligns seamlessly with RADD Companies’ vision, emphasizing strategic planning and ethical practices.

Alden’s bespoke and independent nature fosters a close-knit collaboration, making them an ideal partner for RADD Companies. This strategic alliance enables both entities to provide investors with an expanded array of real estate investment opportunities integrated into comprehensive wealth planning strategies.

“Working with Alden Investment Group has been excellent,” stated Dutch Mendenhall, CEO and Co-Founder of RADD Companies. “The communication is top tier; we have a shared understanding of our goals and a drive to deliver the highest level of service to our investors. We are confident we will go far together.”

RADD Companies brings a wealth of expertise in real estate investments, offering Alden’s clients unique opportunities to diversify their portfolios. RADD Companies’ investment funds, characterized by a focus on strategic planning and ethical practices, align with Alden’s commitment to delivering value to clients. Through this partnership, Alden’s clients gain access to a curated selection of real estate investment options integrated seamlessly into their broader wealth planning strategies.

“Alden is excited to partner with RADD Companies to expand both the availability and accessibility of real estate knowledge and investments for individual investors and financial advisors,” said Lee Calfo, Alden’s CEO. “We have been impressed with both their team members’ passion and commitment, from the top executives down to the many employees and associates we have interacted with since we began working with RADD Companies.”

As a leading player in the real estate and investment sector, RADD Companies envisions continued growth and expansion in 2024 and beyond. The collaboration with Alden Investment Group marks the beginning of an exciting chapter, with plans to explore further partnerships with others who share their vision. The company aims to enhance its offerings, continually innovate in the real estate investment space, and provide investors with new and diverse opportunities for long-term financial success.

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