Wayne, PA – Protea Wealth Management Joins Alden Investment Group

Based out of Queenstown, MD, Protea Wealth Management is now part of Alden Investment Group. Founded by Larissa Costello, Protea serves clients across the country.

Formerly with Coastal Equities, Raymond James and Ameriprise, Larissa offers asset management and financial planning services. As an accountant in previous roles, she helps clients understand their financial picture and net worth.

When asked why she decided to join Alden, Larissa said, “Technology is a big reason. Many of my clients prefer to connect using technology. There are so many ways to do this business. I interviewed a lot of firms, and Alden had superior technology systems. This allows me to bring concierge-level services to my clients so they can tangibly see what I do for them daily. Alden has the service, systems, and processes in place, so I can focus on client relationships and being available to provide support.”

Working with women is Larissa’s specialty. Finance tends to be male-dominated, so Larissa saw the need for her services. Larissa recognizes the unique perspective and voice that women have. Many women feel anxious about making financial decisions. They hesitate to ask questions and don’t want to seem like they don’t understand. In many cases, these women never had the opportunity to learn about making sound financial decisions. Larissa is here to change that. She feels you don’t have true freedom unless you have financial freedom.

Joining Alden is part of a rebranding for Larissa, allowing her to take her business to the next level. Redefining her vision and value system, the Protea flower in her brand is a metaphor for her clients, representing resilience, beauty and power. Most of Larissa’s clients are confronting significant life changes and overwhelming decisions. She wants clients to know they are not alone and that she is here to support their journey.

One of Larissa’s primary goals is educating her clients about financial services and removing the intimidation factor. She empowers her clients to make decisions. Rather than selling with fear or highlighting the pain points, she shows her clients they are in the driver’s seat, and they can make educated decisions to have control over their financial future.

Larissa said, “Financial wellness is not so dissimilar to lessons learned on the mat in yoga. You need to show up, not make comparisons to others, and realize it’s practice and not perfection. Don’t worry so much about the result; focus on the process.”

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