Wayne, PA – Alden Investment Group announces the launch of the new Alden Asset Management Product, Alden COVE, a Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP).

Headed up by Managing Director, Aaron Williams, the TAMP is a completely new product for Alden, bringing on a high level of technology and customization for advisors and investors alike.  Aaron said,  “I was excited about the prospect of building a scalable platform that could continue to offer increased flexibility and an elite level of service – both of which are very important to me. Due to its national reach, seasoned executives, and suite of services across its multiple entities, it became a simple decision to roll under Alden’s umbrella.”

The TAMP, Alden COVE, focuses on three main areas: technology, bespoke service and investment flexibility.  It also brings a unique solution for succession planning for advisors nearing retirement age.  Aaron’s initial meeting with Alden’s CEO, Lee Calfo, confirmed they were on the same page for the goals for the TAMP.  “After meeting with Lee Calfo, I felt we shared a vision of wanting to create a platform that lets advisors do it their way – but with a consultative partner they can lean on.  Lee was eager to provide a broader array of services to advisors, which fit well with my ability and goal of providing modern technology, investment flexibility and a digital back office.  The idea of working together and providing these services through one platform became increasingly appealing to both of us through our conversations.”

Alden COVE is now available to Alden financial representatives and investors nation-wide. For more information about Alden’s Turnkey Asset Management Platform, click here to learn more.

About Alden COVE

Alden COVE is a wealth management ecosystem designed for advisors to help their clients clearly define and achieve success – from anywhere.

Advisors can provide their clients with access to over 500+ institutional quality SMAs in addition to advisor-directed models within one account. Unique to Alden COVE is the ability for these advisors to create scalable UMAs or models, while retaining portfolio personalization at the client level. This level of flexibility offers advisors the best of both worlds when it comes to scalability and customization.

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