Jenkintown, PA – Alden Investment Group and BancList, the nation’s leading shareholder listing and communications service for privately-held banks, have established a strategic sales and marketing alliance called SmartShare.

Access to Alden’s national sales network will let BancList market its shareholder listing platform to a broader audience. BancList lets issuers of non-registered securities safely and efficiently conduct securities transactions. In addition to community banks, target groups include investment banks with clients who own privately-held securities, as well as REITs and limited partnerships.

Peter Scully, president of BancList, said the goal of SmartShare is to give banks, public and private companies, including start-ups, a more extensive offering of shareholder services at competitive prices using shared resources such as marketing and customer support.

Alden and BancList offer a number of services that community banks and other issuers of non- registered securities want and need to be competitive and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. Some of the offerings include:

  • customized, transparent stock listing platform
  • communications platform to keep shareholders up to date on important events
  • transfer agency services
  • exchange services for banks and organizations involved in mergers and acquisitions
  • virtual board and shareholder meetings
  • M&A advisory services*

Alden and BancList, two established leaders in their respective fields, said the formation of SmartShare makes perfect sense. “Accessing Alden’s national sales network gives BancList the opportunity to increase market share while introducing Alden’s portfolio of clients new services, ” stated Peter Scully.

Lee Calfo, Alden’s CEO, said “SmartShare represents a much-needed solution to the challenges that private companies face in helping shareholders exchange their shares for the best price in compliance with SEC regulations. The SmartShare solution is very cost effective for companies and has a simple easy to use, elegant design for shareholders.”

Alden and BancList maintain offices in Atlanta, Nashville and Overland Park, KS.

*M&A services offered through Alden’s network of trusted legal, accounting and investment advisors.

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