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John Colucci
Independent Financial Advisor

Prior to joining Alden, John spent his entire career at Merrill Lynch’s Park Avenue office. Beginning as a client associate, John was tapped early on to become an advisor. A graduate of Merrill Lynch’s three-year development program, John was recognized as a top performer in his peer group. While at Merrill Lynch, he serviced both individual clients and corporate relationships, including $200 million worth of retirement plan assets spread nationwide.

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In 2010, John was recognized by Merrill Lynch’s Northeast region with a Service Team Achievement Recognition Award. An active philanthropist, John served as Merrill Lynch Park Avenue’s Cystic Fibrosis initiative director which was recognized by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in 2014. He is a Certified K Plan Professional, a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and holds Series 7 and 66 licenses. He has a B.S. In finance and accounting from Fordham University. John and his wife reside in New York.

The Colucci Group delivers a customized, consistent experience to assist clients not only in wealth accumulation and preservation, but in areas that go beyond investment management.

The Colucci Group is based in New York City and serves clients throughout the tri-state area. In addition, the group has clients in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Miami and Philadelphia.

The Colucci Group is headed by John Colucci, a Forbes Magazine top Next Generation Financial Advisor. Prior to achieving independence, John spent 11 years working in wealth management at Merrill Lynch. Desiring to do more for clients, John left the corporate wirehouse world and relocated his financial advisory practice to Alden.

As an independent, John’s mission is to help clients meet their financial goals through a customized approach that he tailors to each individual’s unique qualities. At Alden, John has the ability to directly hold assets at Raymond James and Charles Schwab, or if preferred, can work with a client’s existing account custodian. Alden empowers John and his team to act as a boutique, independent, fiduciary to clients while providing the stability of major fortune 500 custodians and asset management solutions.

The Colucci Group


The Colucci Group’s methods are based on the conviction that a human element underlies all financial matters. Markets change, trends shift, rates move, but people and their concerns are always present. Each person, no matter his or her profession or wealth, makes up an individual economy. Collectively, these seven billion micro economies create the global macro economy. These human economies, just like their global counterpart, need attention and guidance to prosper. Present in each micro economy are goals, concerns, objectives, wants, needs, assets, income, and liabilities. These comprise an individual’s economic footprint. The Colucci Group’s role is to help keep those footprints in line, on the path to success.

How We Do It

The world of finance is complex, with many terms, conditions, requirements, options, and methods. The Colucci Group at Alden seeks to provide clarity and purpose in what can be a noisy and confusing environment. Too often, individuals, families, and institutions complicate their paths to success by focusing on the wrong priorities. We serve as a dedicated personal financial officer, working with clients to craft and monitor detailed financial life plans. This keeps the proper priorities in sight and allows for transparent assessments of progress.

The Best of Both Worlds

Alden evaluates carefully the firms at which it recommends clients hold their assets. This allows Alden to act as a boutique, independent, fiduciary to our clients while providing the stability of a major fortune 500 institution. As an independent firm, we are not limited to the offerings of one particular company, but have the flexibility to consider all options from all providers for our clients. We are approved at and utilize the services of major custodians such as Raymond James and Charles Schwab because we believe they offer robust platforms for clients to secure their assets. We look for custodians with client-centered models, strong technology, responsible firm leadership, and strong balance sheets. These attributes give us the flexibility and stability we desire for our clients.

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